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Plans in Motion


Web3 Toolkit & Metaverse Arena

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About Us 

We are a Web3 Application Development Specialist that provides development solutions and dedicated SAAS products for the Crypto, Property and Construction industries.


We developed our Vision  – “Plans in Motion” software for the Architecture and Construction Industry to enable companies to meet within the buildings they are designing on 3D browser windows or VR headsets. Companies can import their CAD Drawings into the Metaverse Space and conduct planning permission meetings, discuss changes to the buildings or even discuss “Rights of Light” issues.


Our Vision - Web3 Toolkit is a module-based platform for the Crypto Industry.

Companies are able to subscribe to:


  • Launchpad module to launch their Crypto tokens.

  • Vesting Schedule module where investors are given their tokens according to the defined distribution structure and timescales.

  • DAO Management (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) - allow users to manage communities by creating bounty requests and proposals for the community to vote on.

  • Metaverse Arena allows companies to run private events in the metaverse. We ran the first boxing event in the Metaverse with our Customer where users had NFTs as the tickets, this is in partnership with Bluemoon by Legion Network.


We also provide bespoke development applications for Companies whether that is creating metaverse applications with integrated NFTs, fulfilled with our knowledge of Tokenomics and Smart Contracts we've been lucky to work with our clients on small projects to applications with over millions of users.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Alternate States Ltd

15 Biggin Gardens


OL10 2WF

Tel: 01706 436264

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