Alternate States is a Start-Up Development and Experience Studio based out of Rochdale Manchester at the beautiful newly refurbished Carnegie Library.

Through our leading-edge Virtual Reality technology, we create interactive world/building projects that are only limited by your imagination in what we can achieve.

Launched September 9th Alternate States created a World First Solution for the Architecture Industry as for the first time people are physically able to walk around a building project using our 360 degrees walking platform. Our platform allows clients to talk and interact with one another inside their building project and much more....

We create what you dream off; whether that be your dream house... office .... commercial unit 


The most interactive and immersive event experience for your client or customers, as we transport them to another world. Where you aren't limited by real-world boundaries or restrictions.


You are looking into reinventing how you display your building portfolio. As we can record your previous buildings in 360 degrees and import them into our Virtual Reality platform.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to become one of the world-leading immersive company by using the newest technology to reimagine how organisations can engage with their clients through Virtual Reality

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Studio: 881 Manchester Road, Rochdale, Manchester, OL11 2WF

Number: 01706 436 264