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What is Vision - Are you looking for a new efficient way to interact with your customers or stakeholders.


Vision is a plug-and-play Virtual Reality tool that allows you to easily interact with stakeholders within your VR environment around the world.

Using Vision you can:

  • Improve Stakeholder communication for a common area for discussion

  • Improve Planning and Reduce Costs

  • Increase Sales through Remote Project Briefings

  • Project Visualisation through having a common 3D Environment 

Virtual Reality Benefits for Architecture:

Reduce Build Cost

See your building project in VR first, before building commences


Visualise any building project before it is built, to make sure it is correct

Sell Off-Plan

Clients can walk around their house or apartment before it is built


Allow you client to immerse themselves in their building project, no one person experiences it that same

Site Visits

Record your site updates through our 360 Degree Recording, and see it in VR

World First

Physically be able to walk through your building project at any stage of the building process



Bespoke Solutions From our State of the Art Equipment


Hire out our Equipment for your Event/Exhibition to drive footfall

studio Hire

Hire out our Studio for your client events


Bespoke Development Solutions to solve your Virtual Reality Requirements

360 degree recordings

Record 360 degree videos of builds and see them in VR around the World


Revolutionise the Industry for VR Architecture

Alternate Statest Virtual Reality Solution as for the first time people are allowed to physically walk around a building porject before it has been completed or we can record and walk around exisiting buildings

Alternate States has pioneered the development in allowing clients and customers to be able to walk around their project from pre-stage through to building completion using our 360-degree Walking Platform into a multi-participant format.

Our solution Offerings:


360 Walking platform

The Treadmill enables users to explore your project, as they move freely and at their own pace in 360° .

Alternate States treadmill is closest you and your clients can get to trying out the real thing ahead of construction being completed.

As you can Walk, Run, Explore your way through your buildings in a multi-participant format; as the lead architect, designer, clients can all explore the building together.


A fully immersive experience that engages you and your client in a Virtual Building.

Alternate States focus is towards a multiuser integration with our multiuser VR booths setup allowing for people to talk and experience the buildings together.


A portable immersive experience that engages you and your client through the design and viewing process. Take the headset everywhere you go, and have an instant opportunity to demo your building.

The portable headsets allows you and your client to join a design meeting across the world, you don’t have to be in the same place to jump into a Virtual Design meeting.



Hire out our Equipment for your Event or Exhibition

Transform your next Event or Exhibition with the Alternate States Virtual Reality Architecture Experience!

Be the Centre of Attention at Exhibitions as you provide a unique eye-catching experience for attendees. Incorporate our 360 Treadmill, Vive and/or portable headsets into your Stall at exhibitions an allow people to experience your designs within the headsets and revolutionise your demonstrations.



Bespoke Development

Using our in-house development team we can provide bespoke development solutions that include:

Take existing Architectural Drawings an insert them into a Virtual Reality Environment.

CGI Provisioning on existing Architectural Drawings within a Virtual Reality Environment to make it as photo-realistic as possible.

The Alternate States development platform can provide a multi-participant environment.

360 Degree Recordings off Complete Buildings

Be transported with our State of the Art Virtual Reality Technology 360 Degree Treadmill, Vive and Portable Headsets as you get to experience walkarounds of buildings that are built from around the world. Alternate States can provide 360-degree recordings for:

  • Building Site Updates

  • Building Tours

  • Virtual health and safety training for buildings

  • Fire Escape Virtual Training

  • Promotional material for Hotels, Factories, Houses, Buildings …


Hire out our Studio for your Client/Developer Meeting

We are based at the newly refurbished Carnegie Library in Rochdale, Manchester


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