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Imagery that's sometimes better than the real thing


Computer Generated Imagery

What we do.

We create the highest quality architectural visualisations and computer-generated images, Our team of talented designers are at the leading edge of the architectural visualisation industry. We create world-class CGI’s and artist impressions that bring property developments to life and help potential purchasers to visualise your project.

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With CGI the sky's the limit

The need for CGI is becoming increasingly more important for designers to be able to accurately reflect their designs to clients, planners and the general public to allow them to visualise what the designs will look like when completed. They play a vital role in many areas of architecture such as concept design, planning applications, marketing imagery or finance raising.

Marketing & Sales

We prepare CGI imagery for many prestigious developments in the property market delivering CGI imagery that delivers a real impact and success in off-plan sales.


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CGI powered by Vision

CGI imagery is a powerful tool in inself. However we take CGI to a new level utilising our Vision platform to generate a virtual world in which your potential client can experience a truly immersive experience.

Pricing for all CGI projects is bespoke if you have an enquire or just a quick question please use the contact form below or give us a call. 

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Contact Us

Alternate States Ltd

Vision House, 

15 Biggin Gardens, Hopwood

OL10 2WF

Tel: 01706 436264

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