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Bespoke Software Development

Minimum Viable Product

When developing digital products or software solutions a roadmap approach is a great starting point.


We work with you every step of the way, delivering a detailed analysis of the customer journey, client personas, and technology choices to create a starting point or MVP (minimum viable product). This analysis enables us to work with a consolidated goal and guides all ongoing investment decisions.

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Development Areas

We cover a wide range of web-based development from fully managed web applications to CRM systems with cross-platform development in both iOS & Android. Our development plan can be fully integrated full-stack systems or individual (front/backend) based on your requirements including both on-premise or cloud hosting.


We devise the correct development process for each application and provide a detailed technical specification of project requirements

Our History 

We started custom development work back in 1996 and have continued to grow the team and our expertise throughout that period. Alternatestates is a technology company that's driven by our people for our clients and based on key core values of openness, honesty and innovation with a bit of fun thrown in, so if you have an idea or even a quick question we may understand tech but we are very much human so give us a call.

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Contact Us

Alternate States Ltd

Vision House, 

15 Biggin Gardens, Hopwood

OL10 2WF

Tel: 01706 436264

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