Training with our award winning mentor Sheridan King


Build a stronger, more dynamic team


Team verses Team in the largest immersive experience

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 Sheridan is an experienced communicator, mentor and a former radio and stage presenter.

He is a Published Author (The SELF Service Universe, ISBN 1-897312-29-6) and many business guide articles. 

Sheridan holds national training awards , ex British Military, inventor and innovator with many successful patent and trademark registrations through being an inspiring and exciting brainstormer for groups individuals.

Currently, he is enjoying immense satisfaction as mentor to businesses and individuals helping them to recognise and empower their best destinies..

training DEVELOPED AND LED BY: sheridan king

Event programme



Sheridan has created a Virtual Reality team building programme that is amazingly different and exciting


The team building exercise evolves around your challenges, needs and aspirations


The programme couples old school brainstorming with state of the art VR team building exercises


Length of time - 4 hours

Maximum attendees - 16

Minimum height - 4ft 8in

Maximum height - 6ft 5in

Maximum weight - 110kg


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Food and beverages are included in our relaxing lounge