Enhance delegate engagement with virtual reality!

Alternate States is a Virtual Reality Development Studio providing fully immersive VR solutions for the events industry

Our main focus is becoming one of the leading full-body immersive development solutions companies who provide new and exciting Virtual Reality experiences for your clients or delegates.

But... what are the benefits:


Brand Activation

Created Branded World that allows clients to experience


Brand Engagement

Create a stronger emotional connection to the brand


No Limits

The World's created are only limited by your Imagination


New to the events industry

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Alternate States has pioneered the development in allowing people to freely walk around a virtual world using our 360-degree walking treadmills. This allows for a full-body immersion into a completely new world, where delegates can interact and engage with a completel new experience. All our solutions are multiparticipant so you can see and interact with people in the world.

Our Equipment Offerings:

OMNI Compressed.jpg

360 Degree Walking platform

OMNI Compressed.jpg

The Treadmills enables users to explore your Buildings, as they move freely and at full speed in 360° .

As you can Walk, Run, Explore your way through your Virtual Worlds in a multi-participant format; as the up to 4 people can experience it together.

ICAROS Compressed Cropped.jpg


Combines fitness with virtual reality and enables users to fly, dive or drive through virtual worlds whilst improving fitness.



A fully immersive experience that engages you and your client in a Virtual World.

Alternate States focus is towards a multiuser integration with our multiuser VR booths setup allowing for people to talk and experience the worlds together.



A portable immersive experience that engages you and your potential clientele. 



Hire out our Equipment for your Event or Exhibition

Transform your next Event or Exhibition with the Alternate States Virtual Reality Experience!

Be the Centre of Attention at Exhibitions as you provide a unique eye-catching experience for attendees. Incorporate our 360 Degree Walking Platform, Vive and/or portable headsets into your Stall at exhibitions an allow people to experience your designs within the headsets and revolutionise your demonstrations.



Bespoke Development

Using our in-house development team we can provide bespoke development solutions that include:

Create Immersive Worlds that focus on brand activation and engagement

Take existing Games an integrate them into a Virtual Reality Environment

Organise Virtual Reality Tournaments

Hire out our Studio for your event/exhibition

We are based at the newly refurbished Carnegie Library in Rochdale, Manchester




Visit the Studio at: 

881 Manchester Road, Castleton, Rochdale, OL11 2ST

To arrange an appointment to view the centre

Phone 01706 436 264 or E-Mail enquiries@alternatestates.com

9am-5pm Monday to Sunday