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Metaverse Arena

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Run Online Metaverse Events for your company whether it's a sporting event, NFT Launch Party or a Community Meetup.

Allow your community to interact with one another in an online browser event, where users can be whitelisted to join using an NFT as a Ticket.

We develop custom rooms for your events.


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Investment platform, used by startups that wish to expose their investment potential to multiple smaller investors.

Through this Module you can create your crypto currency token for your company and allocated percentages i.e. seed private and public.

Vesting Schedule

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Control the released of tokens to investors over a period of time, ensuring the token price remains steady and doesn't suffer from large fluctuations.

Investors gain peace of mind and security by connecting their whitelisted wallet to the vesting schedule module.

DAO Management

The DAO management module allows our clients to create interactive communities that are able to vote privately and securely on a number of topics.

This module can be stand alone by intergrating into an existing metaverse or provided as part of a larger project.

Access our Demo Metaverse:

What is Web3?

As a Web 3 development specialist we work with progressive clients that understand the 3rd generation of web is here.

History of Web development:


  • Web 1: The dot com era, basic websites and general information.

  • Web 2: The introduction of social media & networks.

  • Web 3: Interactive Virtual Reality, Metaverse experiences, Tokenisation via NFTs.


As a web 3 specialist we develop the architecture and utilises to allow our clients to take advantage of Web3.

Metaverse Arena

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Through the Vision Arena conduct online Metaverse events for 100s of users. Create Sporting events, NFT Collection Launches and Community Meet ups. In this virtual space the possibilities are endless.

In partnership with Bluemoon by Legion Network we ran the first Metaverse boxing event that had users come watch the PPV event in the Metaverse while interacting with the other NFT Holders.

For the events we can lock users access by there NFT/email address etc, and provide a range of interactive functions for users to access with through e.g. NFT Minting Event, NFT Swap event. We can developer bespoke features/rooms for the event to suit your requirements.

Get on board now and use the Vision Arena as a new marketing tool to increase interaction for your company or collection.

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Our Vision Launchpad is an all-in-one solution for managing your crypto currency token creation and gaining investment, onboarding from seed to public stage.

Customers conduct the following:

- Connect their Crypto Wallet to the Module
- Select the Blockchain to launch there token
- Define the Number of Tokens in Circulation
- Deploy the Contract Code for the new token or customers can connect there existing token code.

Then invite their investors to the launchpad platform and start raising money through selling your tokens.

Vesting Schedule

Vesting Schedule

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A token vesting schedule is an incentive programme which provides company stakeholders to hold token benefits within a company. These tokens are typically released over a period allowing investors, partners, staff etc to openly sell them on the various token marketplaces.

Vision Vesting Schedule modules provide companies with an application that they can integrate into their systems to manage the distribution of shares to the token holders’ whitelisted wallets. Token distribution can be automatically managed over the period of the vesting schedule.

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DAO Management

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DAO stands for Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.
This entity is collectively owned and managed by its members using a shared set of rules stored on the blockchain, there is no board of directors, and all decisions are made by the group, via votes.

DAOs can be used to allow the allocation of funds towards a specific goal.
Organisation decisions can be made via voting proposals that are recorded and verified on the blockchain. All members hold a certain number of DAO tokens, each token equals one vote, the more tokens you hold the larger your vote.

DAOs use smart contracts which gives every member voting power.
DAOs have treasuries built that can only be accessed via approval from all members.


The Vision DAO management module is an out of the box ready solution that allows all of the above in a secure and private way.

DAO Management
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